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She Learned Herself Awake (SLHA)

Bermudez Projects is pleased to present Kamaria Shepherd | She Learned Herself Awake, the second exhibit in the gallery's new series of installation-based exhibits dedicated solely to BIPOC + LGBTQIA artists.


Composed with layers of fabric, plastic, small paintings on paper, and small sculptures, “She Learned Herself Awake” explores the myriad facets of self, identity, and emergence. Within this site-specific installation, fabrics digitally printed from photographs of the artist and by the artist, as well as from photographs of the artist’s paintings, Shepherd creates a deeply intimate space that is both engaging and eluding.


The “she” which exists in the space of the artwork is the artist. However, the artist’s image is used as either a symbol or repetitive print of a black woman.


Shepherd says, “Using this self-portrait as a motif addresses an often singular and one-dimensional stereotype of black womanhood in the United States. This universal “she” is being slowly awakened through the mediation of self and photograph, painting and installation, and artist and audience.”


She Learned Herself Awake

July 10 through August 28, 2021

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